STEM Initiatives Created by Auburn-AAUW

Charged-Up:  Making a Cell Phone Charger

As part of the AAUW – Auburn STEM programs, local Girl Scout troop members gathered to make cell phone chargers from electronic components. Twelve Girl Scout Cadets arrived in reserved, quiet, hesitant fashion to take part in this challenge. Several hours later they left laughing, proud, and had working chargers in hand.

Are you familiar with these terms:  current, amps, electrons, voltage, resisters, Ohm’s Law, schematics, diode, regulator, soldering wire, soldering irons, and troubleshooting?  Several AAUW-Auburn members are well versed in their definition and applications.

It was amazing to see as AAUW members taught these technical terms and demonstrated their application to the girls. At the end of the day, participants walked away with a peeked interest and curiosity of the engineering world.

Electrifying Art: A STEAM Initiative for Elementary School Girls

AAUW-Auburn and the Girl Scouts presented Electrifying Art to 40 of the youngest Girl Scouts – Daisies and Brownies – at the Elks Lodge in Auburn.  The goal of this project is to engage younger girls’ interest in STEAM (science, technology engineering, art, and math) subjects. Participants learned about electricity – and experimented with electrical circuits using Play Doh, batteries, buzzers, and LED lights.

In the process of creating Electrifying Art, AAUW-Auburn has 1) developed a lesson plan that can be used by other Branches to replicate or modify the event; 2) produced a PowerPoint presentation on electricity and electrical circuits aimed at elementary school children; and 3) acquired equipment that can be re-used for future Electrifying Art events.  Most importantly, there are 40 Girl Scouts that have had their first learning adventure regarding electrical circuits, while thinking critically about how to light-up their works of art

Electrifying Art: A Maker Project enhances the AAUW mission of advancing equity for women and girls by sparking elementary school girls’ interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).  Women are underrepresented in information and technology-related careers at a time when finding qualified STEAM workers is difficult nation-wide; these careers can be a pay-equalizer for women entering the field. And developing an interest in STEAM at an early age can influence girls to seek further education in the field.  Additionally, the project is a “precursor” to Tech Trek, which is aimed at girls transitioning from 7th to 8th grade.

To review the lesson plan go to the: Electrifying Art Lesson Plan    For more information about Electrifying Art, contact us at or Auburn Branch AAUW, P.O.Box 7872, Auburn, CA 95604