Branch Leadership

The elected officers for the Branch are President, President-elect, Program Vice President(s) Membership Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer and Nominations Chair.

Appointed officers are AAUW Funds, Communications, Local Scholarships, Tech Trek, and Parliamentarian.  The board of directors include the elected officers and appointed officers.

The Board usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 5:00 P.M – all members are welcome. Check the calendar for date, time, and location.

President: Sandra Scott
President Elect:  Debra Sabo
Secretary:  Bonnie Wilson
Program Vice President: Needed
Co-Membership Vice Presidents:  Barbara Gerletti-Weiss and Sharon Watson-Hamilton
Co-Treasurers:  Caryl Daly, Jan Winter
Nomination Chair:  Norma Sexton
Program Committee:  Colleen Conley
Communication Chair: Barbara Gerletti-Weiss
Scholarship Chair: Brandee Ambrosia
Tech Trek/STEM Chair: Rachel Kanowsky and Valerie Lease

Books for Books:  Susan Rushton
Communications Sub-Committees
    Advertising: Colleen Conley
    Directory: Colleen Conley and Barbara Gerletti-Weiss
    Newsletter/Website: Deb Sabo
    Telephone Tree: Barbara Gerletti-Weiss
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:  Julann Brown
Interest Group Liaison: Susan Rushton
Public Policy:  Susan Roughgarden
Trivia Bee: Carol Hachmeister and Deb Sabo
Voter Registration: Sue Dings
Contact us at or Auburn Branch AAUW, P.O.Box 7872, Auburn, CA 95604