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AAUW-Auburn empowers women and girls by advocating for more women in leadership positions; closing the gender pay gap; and preventing sexual harassment & discrimination. We work to break-down barriers holding women back from entering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) careers.  We accomplish our goals through advocacy, scholarships, and education.  As a member you can help.  Check out volunteer opportunities on the Volunteer  page.

Contact us at auburnaauw@gmail.com or Auburn Branch AAUW, P.O.Box 7872, Auburn, CA 95604

Kathleen-Shaffer Seniors First

After reading the latest AAUW state news, emails, and calls to action, I know it’s time to get back to work on the issues that affect women.  2017 will be a year of challenges as we strive to keep women’s issues on the front burner.  When will pay equity become the standard? Will the advances we have made toward ending discrimination be in retreat?  We have to keep moving forward, and remember that these issues have been championed by AAUW for 135 years.

I believe it’s time for our Auburn branch to take more action and deliver an effective message to the community.  How can we do that? First add to the group. Recruit new members!  We need to build our branch to over 100 members so there are more voices speaking out.  Think of the women you know, think of the men you know, and if they support equity for all and feel they need to take action, tell them that by joining AAUW they can help break through barriers for women in government, in the workplace, and on campus.

So what else can we do?  Let’s make use of the tools AAUW provides. Subscribe to the AAUW Action Network, and help ensure that our message is heard at every level of government. Another tool is AAUW’s Two Minute Activist, a powerful vehicle for reaching elected officials and policy makers at every level. Members and supporters sent more than 80,000 messages to state and federal legislators this year, but we’ll need to add even more voices to create a cacophony in the weeks and months ahead.  Let’s utilize our website to write about the issues and make it one of our tools for action. And, how about this:  we brand AAUW as the voice for women in the foothills?

Finally, I want to share California State President Donna Mertens’ powerful message.  “AAUW’s values are non-negotiable. We believe that bias and discrimination of any kind are unacceptable in our national dialogue and that our government must represent all of us. Throughout our 135-year history, we’ve always stood for solutions that work for all women and families — and we don’t intend to quit now. With your support, AAUW will continue to speak truth to power and fight for gender equity from the White House to the statehouse. We provide the voice, and AAUW will provide the megaphone.”
Kathleen Shaffer, President